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Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 & 5:00pm;
Saturday: 8:00am, 5:00pm Vigil

Weekdays: 8:00am; Adoration: First Friday 8:30am-9pm

Reconciliation: 4-4:30pm, Saturdays or by Appointment
Parish Office: 41 Oliver Street, Chatham NJ 07928

Church: 85 Washington Avenue, Chatham NJ 07928

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8AM - 4:30 PM

Rev. Robert J. Mitchell, Pastor - Fr. Bob's Biosketch

Rev. Christopher Barkhausen, Parochial Vicar - Fr. Christopher's Biosketch

Upcoming Events

  • Mondays April 4th - May 9th: Rosary for World Peace
  • April 10th- May 13th: Total Consecration UPDATE PLEASE READ
    The Saturday video presentations for the Consecration to Jesus through Mary are cancelled. We invite those wishing to prepare privately to contact Lisa Hart (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to obtain a link view the videos at home.  We will still have rosary and mass on May 13th at 7pm on the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima for those wishing to make or renew their consecration.

  • May 4th- Annual Senior Tea


    12- 2 p.m. Fr. Ed Center

    Grandparents, friends, and family are welcome. Tea sandwiches and desserts will be served. Please RSVP by April 27th to the Parish Office at 973-635-0625. For information, please contact Kim McKee at 973-822-0940.
  • May 14th & 15th- Spiritual Adoption Baby Shower
    Spiritual AdoptionBabyShower
  • May 16th- Appalachia Golf Classic
    Fundraiser for the Appalachia Help Weeks
    Ballyowen Golf Club in Hamburg, NJ

    Please choose one of the following:
    Golf, lunch, soft drinks, beer/wine (doughnuts & muffins provided in the morning) $175.00 per person.
    Dinner & Cocktails only at $50.00 per person
    Sponsorship $200.00...I want to see my name in lights or at least on a sign at a Tee or Green

    Please contact Fred Mercadante for a registration or sponsorship form: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Registration Deadline: May 8.

News and Updates

  • Virtual Food Drive until April 29th
  • Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation on the Joy of Love
    The Vatican on Friday published Pope Francis’ eagerly-awaited Apostolic Exhoratation on the family, drawing together almost three years of consultations with Catholics in countries around the world.

    The lengthy document, entitled ‘Amoris Laetitia’, or The Joy of Love, affirms the Church’s teaching that stable families are the building blocks of a healthy society and a place where children learn to love, respect and interact with others.
    Article continued here
  • Spiritual Adoption: Adopt an Unborn Child- Month 7

    Month 7: “I can look around!”

    Beginning this month, the baby uses all four senses. The eyelids open and close and the eyes look around. The baby can hear, taste, touch, cough, yawn, hiccup and recognize the mother’s voice. Hair on the head is growing longer and the downy covering on the rest of the body is disappearing. During this time, the baby receives antibodies from the mother, providing immunity to a wide variety of diseases. Please continue to pray for our Spiritual Adoption baby.

  • Pastoral Letter to College Students
  • Town Hall Meeting Minutes- October 27th 2015
    St. Patrick Church

     Town Hall Meeting Notes

    October 27, 2015

    Panelists:  Fr. Bob, Fr. Chris, Barb Cappucci, Maggie Grady, John Reichard, Virginia Salvatore, Karen Vowells

    Moderator:  Kevin Quinn

    Introduction (Kevin)

    ·         Kevin welcomed parishioners to the second Town Hall Meeting and explained the evening’s format (open dialogue with a running time of 90 minutes)


    Opening Prayer (Fr. Bob)


    Recap of Last Year’s Meeting (Fr. Bob)

    ·         The parish is addressing 4 areas that were brought up at last year’s Town Hall Meeting:

    o   Handicap access: 

    §  A handicapped parking sign has been ordered for Washington Street.  It will not be an official spot enforced by the Chatham Borough Police Department, so violators cannot be ticketed for parking in the handicapped spot.  We hope the spot will be left for people who need it.  The parish will work to enforce the parking policy. 

    §  Ushers have been instructed to provide assistance to disabled parishioners, and to keep the church’s back doors open for the handicapped.  The doors are very heavy and expensive to replace, so this is the best way to provide access to those who need it.

    §  Some parishioners have remarked that the listening devices provided by the parish are not adequate.  Parish staff is researching this issue.

    §  Others have expressed concern that the bathroom door is too heavy.  This issue is also being investigated.

    o   Liturgy:

    §  The goal as a parish is to make mass welcoming, accepting of all people, and prayerful.

    §  Efforts are being made to make the masses more efficient.  Eucharistic ministers are sent to the balcony early so as to streamline communion.  Fr. Bob gave priests instructions to limit their homilies to 8-10 minutes, and he is considering adjusting that timeframe to 5-7 minutes.

    §  The parish is looking into offering shorter masses at different times, and is considering changing the liturgy at the 5:00 pm Saturday and 7:30 am Sunday masses.

    o   Facilities:

    §  Funds raised from the Partners in Faith Campaign were used to make improvements to the parish, including a new HVAC system in the main school building.  The remaining funds were used to re-carpet and re-tile floors in the parish office and sacristy.

    §  It was brought up at last year’s Town Hall that the church has not been painted recently.  If finances are sound, the church may be painted next summer.

    o   Communication:

    §  The parish has made efforts to improve communications by St. Patrick staff.  Some examples include listing community activities and events in other churches in the weekly bulletin.  Another example is the fundraising effort for Josh Fernandez’s family, which was coordinated by Peggy Gentile and was a huge success. 

    §  Bishop Serratelli’s mass on November 7 at 9 am at St. Patrick Church is an upcoming event to communicate

    Summary of Town Hall Survey Results (Kevin, Fr. Bob)

    ·         The Town Hall survey was distributed to parishioners in both paper format and through e-mail.  200 out of St. Pat’s 1,600 registered parishioners replied.  Overall, responses were very positive.

    ·         Some people surveyed said that St. Patrick masses are longer than those at other parishes.  Fr. Bob elaborated on the need to be aware of the length of the mass while at the same time preserving reverence.  The mass is a time to engage in the music; preaching; scriptures; to connect with others; and a peaceful time to pray.  It is understandable that big families have a difficult time keeping children under control for one hour.  The five diverse masses offered at St. Patrick appeal to all of its parishioners; for example, the 9 am mass is very family-oriented, while the 5 pm mass on Sunday draws more people from the parish than it has in previous years.  St. Patrick Church is fortunate to have such a wide variation of priests, all of whom celebrate mass differently.

    Audience Questions (Parishioners)

    ·         Has there been any thought of using different music at different masses?  For example, using more up-to-date music for the teen choir.

    o   Maggie Hanson could not attend the Town Hall meeting, so Deb Kuzma spoke on her behalf.  The major factor in using different music is the practice time, as it takes Maggie a long time to prepare music for each choir.  Maggie does try to use different styles for different audiences.  Deb said Maggie would be open to the idea of trying different music at the difference masses.

    o   Michael Brough elaborated that historically St. Patrick Church had different music, but it was decided to bring all of the music together to have a common repertoire. 

    o   Deacon Mark brought up that there is more to differentiate at each mass than the music, and each mass could offer a different experience.  For example, priests and deacons could tailor their homilies to each mass.

    o   Fr. Bob further discussed tailoring himself to the different groups at the masses.  The same message could be conveyed, but wrapped in different ways for each groups.  He finds richness in having five masses with distinct musical styles.

    ·         General questions about St. Patrick Youth Ministry (SPYM)

    o   Maggie Grady reported that there are 347 high schoolers enrolled.  Anyone is welcome.  The program is set up as a peer ministry with retreats, gatherings, and mentoring.  The goal is not to be a social activity, but by nature the program becomes the teens’ social outlet.  The first two years consist of confirmation preparation.  All gatherings are led by juniors and seniors who have received 12 weeks of 2.5 hour training sessions.  Some of the topics include accepting one’s self; living in His image; and making faith a reality in everyday life when not everyone around you is faith filled.  The program teaches participants that faith is not something you learn, but something you live.  It is one of the only youth ministry programs in the area that keeps participants involved after confirmation.  Even after college, some youth ministers return to help with the program.  There is a SPYM Council, which comes up with activities for youth ministers and tries to get SPYM out into the community (ie: through the Fishawack Festival, gingerbread workshops, organizing an Easter egg hunt for younger children).

    o   Ellen Ames raised the concern that there is little adult involvement; that topics may come up at retreats and there may be no adult there to address them.  For example, her children in SPYM ask her questions and she has to look them up in the Catechism.

    §  Maggie replied that there is a Mystagogia retreat for juniors and seniors that teaches them how to use the Catechism to find answers to their questions.  Freshman and sophomores don’t tend to ask deeper religious questions, and look to juniors and seniors for answers on more basic topics.  More serious topics (ie: homosexuality, abortion) are brought up during the preparation for the different Rites.

    o   One parent suggested adding a theology of the body course for teens (ie: St. John Paul’s teachings on chastity and purity). 

    §  Ginny Salvatore explained that part of the 8th grade Faith Formation curriculum is “Changes, Choices, and Challenges,” which is offered as a two-hour class on a Sunday night. Parts of the course, Theology of the Body for Teens may also be incorporated into the program. 

    §  Question:  Is similar content being covered with the 8th grade students at St. Patrick School?

    ·         Is there further religious education available for adults?

    o   Father Chris said that the church offers adult bible study; the Walking with Purpose program for women; a Monday evening meditation group; and Knights of Columbus meetings amongst other programs.  The parish is fortunate to be close to St. Paul Inside the Walls in Madison, which hosts a plethora of religious education programs. Information about these programs is posted in the bulletin.  Additionally, there has been a request to start a men’s spirituality group, which is now in the beginning stages of development.

    o   St. Patrick Church will be hosting an Evening with Brother Mickey McGrath on November 6.  Brother McGrath will discuss Dorothy Day’s life story as well as Mother Cabrini and Elizabeth Ann Seton.  In addition, programs are being planned for the upcoming Year of Mercy. 

    ·         The parking lot is chaotic with school and church traffic at the weekday 8am mass.  Can the mass time be moved?

    o   Fr. Bob will look into this issue.  While it seems chaotic, the school has an organized crossing system.  Perhaps the school can better communicate its policies.  Fr. Chris added that they will work to better integrate the school and mass traffic.

    Statements from Panelists

    ·         Finances (John Reichard)

    o   Parish finances are healthy, but the trends are bad.  The offertory is down 10%, and school enrollment is down 20%.  The school is taking steps to address the enrollment issue.  Statistics are being gathered to determine why the offertory has declined.  Some initial thoughts include fewer people at mass, and younger people may be giving less. 

    o   Expenses are tightly controlled, with salaries being the main expense.  Actual figures almost always come in below budget. 

    o   Some parishioners inquired whether the online giving system affects the offertory.  John said that online giving is a minority.

    Education (Karen Vowells)

    o   The education council has started an alumni database, beginning with the class of 2015.  The goal for this year is to hold an alumni event.  The council is working to build up the alumni program.  2015 graduates have gone on to Regis, Delbarton, Mount St. Mary’s, Oak Knoll, and area public schools.

    o   The current principal is an interim principal.  There will most likely be a search committee chosen to select a permanent principal.  This should be done over the winter.

    o   There is no paid admissions officer; all recruitment is done by the principal, HSA, and the parent body.

    ·         Pastoral Council (Barb Cappucci)

    o   There are 12 members on the council, which meets monthly.  Members serve a two year term.  Tammy O’Shaughnessy is the co-chair.  Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or comments.

    o   The council is forming liaisons with certain ministries in order to spread the word on what each ministry is doing.

    o   The Finance Council has talked about ways to engage parishioners and has identified some points where people are naturally drawn to the church such as first communion for their children and the various rites during their children’s confirmation process. 

    Final Questions (Audience Members)

    ·         Comment: It is important to have parents more involved in the confirmation process

    o   Maggie Grady mentioned that last year parents requested to be less involved in confirmation preparation, so she gave them the option of whether or not to come to preparation for some rites.  Parents are now only required to come to one rite in each year.   

    ·         St. Patrick Church seems to have a lot more rehearsals for first communion than other parishes.  It seems that meetings could be done more efficiently and the number of rehearsals reduced. It is very time consuming and leads some families to go to Corpus Christi.

    o   Ginny Salvatore said that one option is to have children receive first communion at a regular mass.  This requires that parents attend just one short rehearsal.

    ·         John Reichard – Are we engaging the parents and the children in the best way we can?  First Communion and the Confirmation process are natural points to engage our families.
  • Works of Mercy- Pray for the Living and the Dead

Visit our school page to learn about our National Blue Ribbon school with grades pre-school to 8. Saint Patrick School has also been named a STAR SCHOOL by the Paterson Diocese because of its "cutting edge" teaching, collaboration with parents, and measured student results. If you are considering Catholic school education for your child, call 973-635-4623 or e-mail to set up an appointment for a private tour.
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