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Week 1


Catholic schools provide an important educational option in New Jersey, by educating students of all economic incomes.  Catholic Schools also are a needed resource for the mission of the church. The Opportunity Scholarship Act (S-1872/A-2810) offers opportunities for parents who might be unable to send their children to a Catholic school or another nonpublic school in New Jersey.  In a series of questions and answers, the New Jersey Catholic Conference, (which has consistently supported this bill) offers a response to misinformation that has been promulgated in many public forums.  Please call, write or email your legislator and ask that they support The Opportunity Scholarship Act.  The most convenient way to do this is to go to and click on Take Action.


Q.        Is this a voucher bill?


A.        The legislation involves corporate tax credits and not vouchers. With corporate tax credits, no payments are made from the government, at any level, either to nonpublic schools or directly to parents.  Corporations decide how to use their tax liability and may choose to fund scholarships for students to attend either nonpublic or public schools. 


Because businesses bear the burden of having to train unprepared workers who are the products of failed educational experiences, it is logical that these businesses should have the opportunity to direct their tax liabilities to a source which they feel will improve the educational quality of graduating students (potential employees).  The Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, and other business groups have endorsed the bill. 

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