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Faith Formation Program
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Grades K-8


Faith Formation Program
(Grades K-8)


Online registration is closed. To register your child(ren) call the Parish Office: 973-635-0625 

The driving force of our Faith Formation Program is the belief that our faith is a gift to be celebrated, nurtured, and lived. We are taught early in life that God, above all things, is love, and His love is perfect and unconditional. We believe learning about God should be a positive experience of sharing His love and treating our faith as the sacred gift it is.

Our sessions are geared to helping children learn about the Bible and Catholic beliefs and traditions so as they grow in their faith, they will have the necessary tools to make educated, moral, and mature decisions that come with life.

We provide a safe environment and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, conducive to both learning and prayer. Within the comfort of a class, children build a rapport with each other and with the catechists, making the experience more rewarding and enjoyable.  Sharing our Catholic faith and teaching the basic principles of the Church are hardly small endeavors. Our interactive lessons strive to strike a balance between the things our children like to know and do and the things they need to know. 

Our curriculum is carefully developed to inform, encourage, and guide our young people regardless of their background and knowledge.  We know it is necessary to be flexible enough to meet people wherever they may be on their faith journey and walk with them toward a better understanding of God and our place in His world.

We cannot do this alone, and in recognizing and respecting parents as the primary religious educators of their children, we feel it is important to not only work with the children, but with their parents as well. We involve parents as much as possible by inviting them to join us for retreats, services, and special events. We can give meaning to the rituals and symbols of our Church, but only you can give meaning to their faith in how you live and worship every day. We are confident that by working and worshiping together, we can effectively guide our children as they grow, learn, and face the future believing, loving, and living the gift of faith.

The success of our program is due to the varied number of dedicated volunteer catechists, co-catechist, classroom monitors, buddies and safety monitors consisting of parents, caring adults, and teens.

Our parish staff is privileged and honored to be a part of your family’s faith journey. Please know that we are here for you and that we are available to discuss your questions, problems or any concerns that you might have.

Our schedule allows for 19 classes avoiding long weekends and holidays.            Classes generally meet every other week; with several exceptions to meet diocesan requirments. 

SUNDAY SESSION I: Grades K-8: 8:15-9:45am                            SUNDAY SESSION II: Grades K-8:10:15-11:45am
MONDAY SESSION III: Grades 1-8: 3:45-5:15pm
HOME STUDY PROGRAM: Grades 3-8 this program is recommended for children who cannot attend a regular scheduled classes. Parents will be notified when to pick up textbooks so they can teach their children at home. Children are expected to attend grade level retreats; completed books are to be returned to the office.

Liturgy of Liturgy of the Word with Children (Grades 1-3) and Play & Pray (3-K) are offered during the 9am Mass.

VOLUNTEERS To view job descriptions, time commitments and requirments click on the appropiate botton on the side bar.
The success of our program depends on the generosity of our volunteers.
               By working together we can provide our children with a quality religious education program in a safe and friendly environmnt.


For more information contact:
Mrs. Virginia (Ginny) Salvatore, Director
Mrs. Veronica Gibbons, Assistant
Office: 973.635.0625 Fax: 973.635.0119


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